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2017 Beijing international construction machinery exhibition & seminar
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 China's future.The capital  city during the Liao, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, Beijing has long been the political, cultural, and diplomatic center of China. It is now an international metropolis .  Beijing 4th international construction machinery exhibition & seminar started on Sep.18 , there are 4days . 

The exhibition is a good way to showing our high quality products and best service to the customers all over the world . 

The products  we are showing in the exhibition

The CAT standard bucket E320

The CAT standard quick hitch E320

There are a lot of foreigners come to the exhibition and inquiry the products from us . We are so glad to help them .

Here is a customer from Chile , He is interested in the buckets and bucket teeth , we can see the satisfied on his face .

It is the honor of the customer' trust . And it is the power for us to do better in the future .

Not only the foreigners but also the customers inland . He finished the order when the fist time meet us . We sant the goods as soon as possible .

There are lots of harvest in this exhibition , we are learning the ways to extand our business and keeping the quality to our costomers .

Jiangxi Renfa engineering machinery company . 

We are the manufacturer of excavator spare parts in China.

we specialize in the excavator bucket ,bucket tooth ,Ripper ,arms , frame ,H-link rod and so on over 10years in our market.

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