Excavator Rock arm

Product introduction
Design principle of rock arem : 
To the movable arm and bucket rod connection point for the fulcrum,extended protection to the bucket rod oil cylinder lever of ear hole center distance , shorten the fulrum to the frount of the bucket rod set of lexer of center distance .increasing the bucket rod oil cykinder bore to obtain large enough  force ,through the lever priciple , achieve strong damage . In order to ensure the smooth installation and use of the rock arm ,we have adopted  the process of full boring machining after welding , which has extended the service life of the excavator .
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Product details

Resqust from  the customers , We can provide the difficlt brand and design and manufacture rock arm for over35ton excavator .

To the movable arm and bucket rod connection point for the fulcrum,extended protection to the bucket rod oil cylinder lever of ear hole center distance , shorten the fulrum to the frount of the bucket rod set of lexer of center distance .increasing the bucket rod oil cykinder bore to obtain large enough  force ,through the lever priciple , achieve strong damage . In order to ensure the smooth installation and use of the rock arm ,we have adopted  the process of full boring machining after welding , which has extended the service life of the excavator .

The rock arm is mainly applied to the crushing and disintegration of apoplexy fossils and strong weathered lithosphere.