Excavator E320 Quick hitch

Product introduction
E320 quick hitch 
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Product details

Quick connector for digger, quick change joint, quick connection head. Quick connector can quickly switch installation, a variety of configurations in excavator parts (scoop, scarifier, hammer, hydraulic shear, etc.), to expand the scope of drivers and can save time, improve the efficacy.

speciality of excavator quick hitch 

        1. Use high strength materials; Applicable to various models of 3-125 tons;
        2. Use the safety device of the liquid control one-way valve to ensure safety;
        3. The digger configuration is not to be modified, and the shaft can be replaced without disassembly, so the installation is quick and can greatly improve work efficiency.
        4. The broken hammer and dipper do not need to manually smash the bucket, gently move the switch for ten seconds to complete the switch between the dipper and the broken                 hammer, save time, effort and convenience.
        5. It is mainly used to replace the front-end working device of the excavator frequently, and in the long run, one device is to avoid installation.

Renfa mechanical production of hydraulic quick connector - can greatly enhance the efficiency of the excavator, realize different function is attached to rapid loading and unloading machines, excavators have a variety of construction skills.

product feature:

Use high strength material, oil cylinder control needs to add tubing, solenoid valve, power controller and other hydraulic power accessories, installation is more complicated, need professional personnel installation and debugging.
It is applicable to all kinds of tools on the 12-100t excavator, such as dipper, loose soil, broken hammer, hydraulic shear, etc., and the driver controls the connector through the electric control switch in the cab.